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When simultaneous interpretation is not possible (availability of speakers, health measures, etc.), there are other solutions to help your foreign colleagues or partners understand videos and explainers. Voice-over and subtitling are two options that we offer.



This technique consists of adding recorded interpretation over the original voice, which can still be heard in the background.


(Not to be confused with dubbing, which is a film technique where the translation is synchronised with the lip movements of the original actors).


Constact us to find out the best solution for you depending on how your video is disseminated.






This technique consists of transcribing, then translating/adapting the text of a video or an animation, and then making this text appear at the bottom of the image as it is played, after having located the best place for each subtitle.

This is an alternative to voiceover and is particularly useful if the video is to be posted on social media or shown on a screen in a waiting room (and therefore played with the sound off).


Our team includes trained subtitling specialists who ensure that the text remains legible and appears at exactly the right moment on the video.


Use cases:


  • Recorded video conferences

  • Streaming and webcasting

  • Strategic presentations

  • Leadership meetings

  • Shareholders' meetings

  • Board of Directors meetings, 

  • Scientific conferences

  • Fairs and exhibitions

  • Corporate seminars 

  • New technology forums

  • Consumer panels

  • European projects...

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