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Do your associates spend too much time trying to understand their contacts? Does it slow down the conversation?


Let us deal with your interpreting requirements, leaving your associates free to focus on their real jobs.


Reliable: we guarantee a reliable service; all missions are prepared with your documents and using terminology databases specific to your field of activity.


Professional: as a professional, you prefer to work with professionals. We only recruit trained, experienced interpreters with industry-specific expertise.


Respectful: like us, you value your clients. Our interpreters are on time and behave in a professional manner.


Consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?


Examples of interpreting missions:


  • Audits

  • Strategic presentations

  • Leadership meetings

  • Shareholders meetings

  • Board meetings

  • Sworn translations (French Securities Regulator, court, police…)

  • Factory tours, 

  • Sales negotiations

  • Conflicts

  • Science events

  • Trade fairs & conferences

  • Company seminars

  • New technology Forum

  • Tours & operations on sensitive sites (SEVESO, ATEX, nuclear power stations...)

  • Conference calls

  • Video conférences

  • Streaming & webcast

  • Consumer tests

  • European projects

  • ...

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