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Legal translations

When business is conducted between two countries, translations of numerous documents and legal instruments are required by French or foreign authorities.


Sworn translation


A translation under oath, or a sworn translation, is prepared by an Expert translator associated with a Court of Appeal, or Court of Cassation, who certifies that it is a true translation of the original. This is the type of translation most often required by authorities or public administrations.


Only a sworn translator is authorized to issue translations that have official validity with any French public administration. This sworn translator is an expert in the legal sense of the term, and the officers of the court who are involved hold the only officially recognized title of "Expert Translator-Interpreter with the Court of Appeal (or Court of Cassation)." In order for a translation to be "certified as a true translation of the original", it must be accompanied by its original; the original and the translation must bear the translator's signature and seal, as well as the registration number of the translation.


For all sworn translations to/from Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. you can drop by our offices in Tourcoing with your documents and leave it all to us.


We are open Monday to Friday, 9.00-6.00 at Centre Tertiaire Mercure, 445 Bd Gambetta, Bureau 701 (7th floor) in Tourcoing. On appointment.


Our offices are easy to find and we have a Metro station (Mercure), a V'Lille station to drop off or pick up a bike, and loads of free parking.



New! We now accept debit and credit cards for payment at our office, or via Paypal.

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